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Yoga as Resistance: Building Resilience & Community Together

Free & Discounted Programs: Love on the Front Lines

Nurturing Liberation: Free and Discounted Yoga & Birthing Support for Our Community

Inspired by the radical love and transformative power of mothering, I believe in creating a space of collective well-being for ALL individuals and families.

As a Mexican-American, bisexual woman raised by a single mother in a working-poor home, I am familiar with the challenges faced by low-income, marginalised, single parents, and LGBTQ+ individuals on their journeys into self or parenthood. I understand what it means to live in a world where I am not supposed to exist, let alone, have access to well-being support.

Witnessing the strength, kindness and resilience within my own mother, I turned to yoga as a source of empowerment and well-being. Now, I want to share that transformative power with others. That's why I am revolutionising access to yoga and birthing support.


In an attempt to empower and nurture the lives of those who often face barriers to well-being, I am offering free or significantly discounted services for these communities; fostering a circle of strength, resilience, and embodied joy through inclusive classes, open discussions, and a supportive environment where everyone feels welcome.


If you identify as a member of any of these groups, use code "RevolutionarySpirit" to book your first class or service for FREE!


With Love,

~ Ashley

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