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Holistic Personal Training with a Yoga + Pilates Fusion

Beyond the Workout: Personal Training for Mind, Body & Spirit

Empowering Your Journey Through Movement & Mindfulness

As a movement enthusiast and experienced yoga & pilates instructor, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of mindful movement on the mind and body.


My clients consistently experience increased strength, flexibility, and a deeper mind-body connection through these practices. However, many of them eventually express a desire to take their fitness journey a step further by incorporating strength training.


This inspired me to develop a unique approach to movement that seamlessly integrates elements of yoga, pilates, and functional strength training.


My personalized movement programs are designed to meet your specific needs and goals, whether you're a seasoned yogi or pilates practitioner looking to add strength training to your routine, or someone entirely new to movement seeking a holistic approach to fitness.

What to Expect in Your Sessions

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Your Journey, Your Focus: Personalized Programs for Success


Building a program that works for you starts with understanding your unique needs and goals.


Every program begins with a comprehensive assessment that dives deep into the following:

What Sets Me Apart

Personalised Attention

You won't get lost in the crowd. I provide individualized attention and cater the program to your unique needs and goals.

Experience + Expertise

Benefit from my years of experience in movement and my passion for helping others achieve lasting results.

Supportive + Encouraging

I create a supportive and encouraging environment that fosters motivation and keeps you accountable.


  • Embark on Your Movement Journey: Personalised Training for Transformat...

    1 hr

    55 British pounds


Person sitting in meditation pose on a yoga mat. Text overlay: "Private Yoga Sessions"

"Ashley is so phenomenal. I have gained so much lean muscle tone and strength since the start of my programme with her. I have seen such impressive results (not limited to weight loss, but also exercise and nutrition education) that I have signed up for an extra 4 weeks. She is the best personal trainer I’ve ever had – I feel encouraged, confident, and delightfully powerful."
~ Laura Von, Primrose Hill

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