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Beyond the Foundation: A Gratitude-Filled Guided Prana Shakti Journey (20 min)
  • Beyond the Foundation: A Gratitude-Filled Guided Prana Shakti Journey (20 min)


    This guided Prana Shakti pranayama recording isn't just another practice; it's an invitation to awaken the wellspring of life force within you, the potent energy that enlivens every aspect of existence. Drawing upon two decades of yogic exploration and the wisdom of Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore Tuli, I've woven together a tapestry of breathwork techniques and intention, all with subtle chakra energy undertones. Prepare to reconnect with Prana Shakti, the Sanskrit term translating to "life force energy," and experience its invigorating presence course through your being.

    Universal Prana, Accessible to All

    Imagine drawing Prana, the vital life force, from the very core of the earth, the Muladhara chakra. Feel it rise as a brilliant white light, nourishing your spine and awakening your Ajna chakra upon its ascent. With each exhale, release gratitude for this gift of life force that sustains you and empowers you.

    A Multidimensional Experience

    This practice incorporates elements of Kriya Tantra yoga, Kundalini Tantra yoga, and Chakra energy work, offering a multifaceted exploration of your energetic potential. These traditions act as tributaries, enriching the flow of Prana Shakti within you, regardless of gender.


    A Gift of Transformation

    This 20-minute recording is a gift – a gift of self-discovery, a gift of awakened vitality, and a gift of reconnecting with the source of life that resides within you.


    Embrace the Power Within, Unfold Your Potential

    Allow yourself to be surprised by the profound transformation this practice can ignite. With each breath, with each rise and fall of your chest, witness the arrival of your inner peace. This is more than a practice; it's a journey to awaken the power of Prana Shakti that resides within each and every one of us.

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