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The vibrant coloured cover of the Radiant Minds Yoga and Mindfulness "My Well-Being Journey" book for children and parents.
  • "My Well-Being Journey" | Children's Yoga & Mindfulness Companion


    Wire Bound

    "My Well-Being Journey" is a specially crafted (A5) 32-page companion for children and their parents who are part of the Radiant Mind's® Children's Yoga and Mindfulness classes or simply wishes to introduce their children to the transformative magic of yoga and mindfulness. This comprehensive guide empowers parents to introduce their children to the transformative world of yoga, mindfulness, and breathwork. Discover engaging activities, habit trackers, and expert tips to cultivate calm, focus, and joy in your child's life.

    This comprehensive class companion guides your child's exploration of yoga and mindfulness with a rich variety of resources, including:

    Yoga Class Expectations: Children are introduced to class rules which cultivate respect, curiosity, collaboration, communication, and open-mindedness.


    Yoga & Mindfulness Journey: A page designed for easy tracking of class attendance, providing you with a clear view of your child's participation and progress in the yoga journey.


    Songs, Mantra & Yoga: Discover the lyrics to our yoga class songs and track your child's yoga, mindfulness, and breath exercises with a handy checklist.


    Breathwork Practices: Discover exercises and resources to nurture mindfulness through conscious breaths. Foster a daily habit of mindfulness and learn to guide your child in harnessing the power of breath for calm and focus.


    Mindfulness Practices: Explore mindful exercises like Expanding Energy Meditation to nurture focus, emotional balance, and self-awareness in your child.


    Mindful Habits Tracker: Monitor and nurture a month’s worth of positive habits for holistic well-being, including nutrition, exercise, breathing with awareness, rest, self-calming, kindness, active listening, and more.


    Affirmations: With space for you to contribute to and empower your child's positive self-expression, explore and create Affirmations, such as "I am" and "I can.”


    Gratitude Reflections: Nurture a daily gratitude practice with 30 blank spaces for children to jot down what they're thankful for, fostering a mindset of appreciation.


    Goal Setting Jar: Set daily yoga and mindfulness goals with your child. Use this page to track progress, fostering consistency and celebrating achievements together.


    Year in Colours: Reflect on the year's highlights. Includes, a chart of 365 boxes, each representing a different feeling, allowing children to color in their emotions and identify them.


    Breathe and Create! Craft Activity: Explore a mindful craft activity that connects breath and creativity.

    Available as a digital ebook or a bound version, this 32-page logbook is an essential tool for your child's growth. For those enrolled in my children's classes, it's a necessary companion. Purchase of this book also includes access to all future digital updates and e-book versions

    As parents, you are the guiding stars in your child's radiant journey. Thank you for entrusting me with a part of this incredible voyage. Together, we can help your child cultivate confidence, mindfulness, and compassion, creating a brighter and more mindful world, one breath at a time.

    If you're new to my classes, explore my Radiant Mind's® Children's Yoga and Mindfulness offerings and courses today and embark on this transformative journey with me! 
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