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Radiant Minds Yoga®: Nurturing Focus, Emotional Regulation, & Resilience in Children

Explore the Science of Mindfulness, Movement, and Emotional Well-Being

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Unleash the Power of Yoga & Mindfulness for You and Your Child (Ages 2-15)

Is your child struggling with focus, emotional regulation, or simply needing a healthy way to manage stress?

This 11-week online course equips you with the tools to introduce yoga and mindfulness practices to your children in a fun and engaging way.


Whether you have a toddler full of boundless energy or a teenager seeking inner calm, this course caters to a wide range of ages and needs.

A purple logo for Radiant Minds Children's Yoga and Mindfulness, includes a vibrantly coloured lotus mandala.

Here's what you'll gain:

  • Improved Focus & Attention: Learn techniques to help your child focus their attention and stay present in the moment.

  • Enhanced Emotional Regulation: Discover tools to guide your child through emotions in a healthy and constructive way.

  • Stress Reduction Techniques: Develop practices to help your child manage stress and promote relaxation.

  • Stronger Parent-Child Connection: Create a shared space for bonding and fostering open communication with your child.

  • A Toolbox for Lifelong Wellbeing: Equip your child with valuable skills for managing challenges and maintaining a sense of balance throughout their life.


No prior yoga or meditation experience is needed! This interactive course provides step-by-step instructions for incorporating age-appropriate yoga poses, breathing exercises, and mindfulness activities into your daily routine.

Join me on this journey to unlock the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness for your entire family!

Elements of the Radiant Minds®: Children's Yoga & Mindfulness Course

Two children in a Radiant Minds Children's Yoga and Mindfulness Class, sitting in meditation and experiencing calm.

 For thousands of years, wisdom traditions have taught us that paying attention to the present moment has powerful positive effects on our health. For children, the time-tested practices of yoga are a wonderful gateway into this world of mindful awareness.


When we focus inward and take time to cultivate our inner vision—what Dr Daniel Siegel calls “mindsight”— we develop specific circuits in our brains that support our abilities to balance our emotions, focus our attention, pause before acting on impulses, and increase our compassion for others and ourselves.


The first week takes a close look at the science of focus, emotional regulation, and self-control. Through brain-based themes, we explore what it means to focus, pay attention, and become thoughtful. Through transcendental meditation, yoga-inspired animal poses, and storytelling, children and carers observe first-hand the connection between emotions and focus. 


Yoga and Mindfulness classes | for Schools and Nurseries

Children in triangle yoga pose as part of the yoga and mindfulness in schools program

Bring the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness to your school! Engaging classes promote focus, emotional well-being, self-awareness, resilience, and mindfulness, and physical health, creating a calmer and happier learning environment for both students and staff.

Yoga and Mindfulness for Woodentots |
After-School Club
(3-5 Years)

A sign for yoga and mindfulness for woodentots

Designed specifically for pupils of the Woodentots Montessori nursery, this after-school class is a playful & engaging yoga experience for children aged 3 to 5. Through imaginative storytelling, creative movement, & age-appropriate yoga poses, children will enhance their coordination, balance, & confidence while nurturing their imagination and love for yoga & mindfulness.

Parent and Baby Yoga + Mindfulness | group Yoga
(6 weeks old - Crawling)

Mums and their babies in a mummy and baby yoga and mindfulness class

Bond with your baby and experience the benefits of yoga together in our Parent & Baby Yoga class. Designed for babies aged 6 weeks to crawling, this nurturing class combines gentle Yoga and relaxation techniques to promote parent-child connection, relaxation, and postnatal well-being.

Private one-on-one 
yoga & Mindfulness sessions | tailored for your child (or family)

A young girl practicing yoga and mindfulness in a private yoga class

Looking for a unique, fun and enriching way to nurture your child's (or family's) well-being? My private one-on-one yoga sessions offer a tailored experience designed to meet your child's specific needs and interests. You can expect: Individualised attention, a focus on achieving your family's goals, a deepening of the yoga experience, & the cultivation of a strong yogic foundation.​​

Ana Maria, beaming with energy, highlights the positive impact of Ashley's personalized approach (Increased strength & self-discovery).
"I have been doing Yoga for 5 years in london, lisbon and nyc and I was wonderfully surprised by the teacher Ashley. from her words, to the sense of opportunity, helping, the pace, the getting everyone's names and brief "why am I here", taste for music and simply those oils... Vinyasa gained a new look for me. You made me feel so balanced out, just when I needed that push. May your excellent work continue and your knowledge be taken further."

~ Ana Maria 

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