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Yoga for Woodentots: Nurturing Connection, Mindfulness & Relaxation

Embrace the Magic of Yoga Aligned with Woodentots Montessori Nursery Themes

Boost Your Child's Confidence and Wellbeing

Spark your child's curiosity and connect with nature through Yoga for Woodentots!

This fun and engaging program, inspired by the Woodentots Montessori philosophy, uses mindful movement and imaginative storytelling to help children aged 3-5 empower themselves, explore their bodies, and discover the calming joy of yoga.

Experience the magic as your child builds confidence, improves focus, and strengthens social connections through playful poses, animal yoga adventures, and mindful breathing exercises.

Children practicing yoga and mindfulness with Ashley Cruz Yoga

Each carefully designed session provides a nurturing space for your child to explore their inner peace, unwind after a busy day, and sleep soundly.

As parents, you are the guiding stars in your child's radiant journey. Thank you for entrusting me with a part of this incredible voyage. Together, we can help your child cultivate confidence, mindfulness, and compassion, creating a brighter and more mindful world, one breath at a time


  • This package includes one yoga and mindfulness session every Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:00 PM, upstairs at the Thanet Youth and Community Centre.

  • The term begins on Wednesday, April 17th and goes until July 10th (12 sessions = £190).

  • There is no class during the half-term break from Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May.

  • Your package includes one copy of the "My Well-Being Journey: Yoga and Mindfulness Companion Logbook" (£10 value). 

  • Once you have registered your child, you will be prompted to fill out the student information form, please do so as soon as possible. 

  • Next, please inform your child's teacher that I will be retrieving them after-school every Wednesday.

Elements of a Children's Yoga & Mindfulness Class

Two children in a Radiant Minds Children's Yoga and Mindfulness Class, sitting in meditation and experiencing calm.

 For thousands of years, wisdom traditions have taught us that paying attention to the present moment has powerful positive effects on our health. For children, the time-tested practices of yoga are a wonderful gateway into this world of mindful awareness.